COPY009 Manu Ferrantini ~ Bonheur Stoner EP

by Manu Ferrantini, Jonny K, Breger, Calm Chor



Copycow is thrilled to welcome Manu Ferrantini from Paris, Lisbon, Goa with his new EP. He presents his definition of minimal pleasure featuring Jonny K and remixes by cow-doctor Breger and by debut-cow Calm Chor from India. The 3 original tracks show no mercy when it's about creative beats and slick ear worms.

The title track 'Bonheur Stoner vs Jonny K' let you finally discover the genre Minimetal: driving guitar melodies and smashing grooves meet 2 rockers in the techno studio. While the 'Lost Love Cowboy' exploits Manu's own guitar play to perform a true romance, 'Konfys' features grumpy vocals by Kenny Berggren from Sweden. He did lose his socks and none of us found them. If anybody finds Kenny’s socks, please let us know. Breger and Calm Chor worked on their own confusing interpretations, they went from minimal pressure to sci-fi tales and definitely went deep inside, but could not find the socks either.


released January 4, 2017

W&P by: Manu Ferrantini, Jonny K
Remixes by: Breger, Calm Chor
Mastered by: Elmute / ODN



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Track Name: Manu Ferrantini Vs Jonny K - Bonheur Stoner (Original Mix)
Track Name: Manu Ferrantini - Lost Love Cowboy (Original Mix)
Track Name: Manu Ferrantini - Konfys (Original Mix)
Track Name: Manu Ferrantini - Konfys (Breger Remix)
Track Name: Manu Ferrantini - Konfys (Calm Chor Regroove)